Introduction To The Hardscape System

Transform your backyard or patio with our comprehensive, hands-on course: "Introduction to The Hardscape System." Dive into the world of hardscaping as we guide you through the entire process of a backyard makeover, from the initial design to the final touches. This free course is perfect for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and aspiring hardscape professionals who want to create stunning outdoor spaces.

What You'll Learn:

  • Part 1: Designing the New Layout Collaborate with the homeowner to create a functional and beautiful outdoor space. Learn the essentials of layout design and how to plan your hardscape project.

  • Part 2: Working with Foam Discover the versatility of foam in hardscaping. Master the tools and techniques needed to cut and shape foam for your designs.

  • Parts 3 & 4: Setting Up the Hardscape Seat Wall System Follow our step-by-step guide to installing a durable and attractive seat wall system, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your project.

  • Part 5: Mixing Cement and Structure Coating Get hands-on experience in mixing cement and applying structure coatings to ensure a strong and lasting foundation for your hardscape features.

  • Parts 6 & 7: Cutting the Organic Rock Design into Foam Unleash your creativity as you carve organic rock designs into foam, creating unique and natural-looking elements for your outdoor space.

  • Part 8: Application of Mud, Design, and Texturing Learn the art of applying mud, designing intricate textures, and achieving a professional finish that enhances the beauty of your hardscape.

  • Parts 9 & 10: Design and Clean Out Refine your project with detailed design work and thorough clean-out processes to ensure a polished and professional result.

Bonus Content: World of Concrete 2015 Exhibit

Experience the excitement of the World of Concrete 2015 Exhibit with a special project overview and live demonstrations from the Artists South Lot. Follow along with detailed video segments showcasing advanced techniques and real-world applications of hardscape systems.

Course Highlights:

  • Over 30 detailed video tutorials covering every aspect of hardscaping.
  • Practical tips and expert advice from experienced hardscape artists.
  • Real-life project examples to inspire and guide your own creations.
  • A supportive community of learners and professionals to share ideas and feedback.

Enroll now in the "Introduction to The Hardscape System" and start transforming your outdoor spaces today! This free course is your gateway to mastering the art of hardscaping and creating breathtaking backyard makeovers.